Positive Changes for Skilled Workers in Australia: Pathway to Permanent Residency

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Positive Changes for Skilled Workers in Australia: Pathway to Permanent Residency


The Minister of Immigration announces favourable developments for temporary skilled workers in Australia seeking a pathway to permanent residency. These upcoming changes will offer significant benefits to skilled workers who chose to remain in the country during the pandemic, encouraging them to consider staying in Australia permanently. Find out more about the visa changes and their potential impact on various industries.

Key Points:

  1. Improving Access to Permanent Residency:
    • The new visa changes aim to enhance access to permanent residence for existing 482 visa holders in the short-term stream and legacy 457 visa holders who no longer meet the age requirement. Skilled workers who have stayed in Australia throughout the pandemic may now be eligible to apply for the 186 ENS Permanent Visa. This concession also applies to legacy subclass 457 visa holders exceeding the age limit of 45 years.
  2. Supporting Local Businesses in Critical Sectors:
    • Eligible skilled workers already in Australia will continue to support local businesses facing critical shortages, particularly in vital sectors such as health, hospitality, and regional industries. This move benefits both the skilled workers and the Australian economy.
  3. Recognition of Contributions:
    • The Minister of Immigration acknowledges the contributions of highly skilled migrant workers who chose to stay in Australia during the pandemic. The special concession offered to these workers not only addresses the country’s acute labour shortages but also provides them with a pathway to Australian citizenship.
  4. Potential Impact on Industries:
    • Approximately 20,000 primary Temporary Skill Shortage and 457 visa holders in Australia could benefit from these arrangements. Most of these workers are employed in high-skilled occupations, with the health and hospitality industries, including many regional workers, expected to experience significant advantages.


While the exact commencement date and scope of these arrangements are yet to be disclosed, the announced changes present a positive outlook for temporary skilled workers in Australia. By creating a pathway to permanent residency, these reforms provide an opportunity for highly skilled migrants to contribute further to the Australian workforce and society.

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