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WA State Nominated Migration Program


Western Australia (WA), known for its breath taking landscapes, robust economy, and vibrant communities, continues to open its doors wide to skilled migrants from across the globe. As we step into the 2023-2024 period, the State Nominated Migration Program (SNMP), administered by WA Migration Services on behalf of the State Government, introduces an array of updates designed to streamline the pathway for skilled individuals aspiring to call this dynamic region home. Here’s an in-depth look at what prospective migrants can expect from the program’s latest iteration.

Key Features of the 2023-2024 Program

  • Zero Application Fee- In a significant move to make the migration process more inclusive, the program has abolished application fees. This initiative is poised to democratize access, allowing a broader spectrum of skilled talent to consider WA as their new abode without the burden of upfront costs.
  • Equal Invitation Ranking- Demonstrating a commitment to fairness and diversity, the program ensures that all applicants, irrespective of their current location—be it within Australia or overseas—receive equal consideration during the invitation process. This approach guarantees that the selection is based purely on merit and the specific needs of the state’s economy.
  • Prioritized Invitations for Critical Sectors- Recognizing the acute demand for skilled professionals in certain industries, WA is prioritizing candidates whose occupations align with sectors identified as critically in need. This strategic focus ensures that the state’s most pressing labour market gaps are addressed efficiently.
  • Relaxed Employment Criteria in Key Industries- To invigorate sectors such as building and construction, the program offers reduced employment requirements for candidates within these fields. This adjustment aims to attract the necessary talent to fuel ongoing projects and support the state’s infrastructure development.

Eligibility Criteria:

The SNMP delineates two primary pathways for potential migrants: the General Stream and the Graduate Stream, each tailored to accommodate different skill sets and professional backgrounds.

General Stream

  • Occupation Lists- Eligibility hinges on the inclusion of the applicant’s occupation in the WA Skilled Migration Occupation List (WASMOL), segmented into Schedule 1 and Schedule 2, reflecting a wide array of in-demand skills.
  • Residency and Work Experience Requirements- Applicants must demonstrate relevant work experience, which can be from within or outside Australia, showcasing their competence in their chosen field. This is for occupation listed in Schedule 1.
  • Employment Contract Provisions- Applicants may need to secure a full-time employment contract in WA, underscoring the program’s emphasis on immediate contributions to the local economy. This is applicable for 190 visa nominations. Please note- The applicants invited through a WA building and construction industry sector do not need to have a contract of employment.
  • English language requirement – To meet the English language requirement, you must meet the competent English bands (test).

Graduate Stream

  • Qualification Requirements- This stream caters to international students who have completed their studies in WA, covering both vocational education and training (VET) and higher education qualifications. You must complete a minimum two-year period of academic study in WA.
  • Graduate Occupation List (GOL)- Graduates must have occupations listed on the GOL, ensuring that their skills meet the state’s strategic development goals.
  • English Language Requirement – To meet the English language requirement, you must meet the competent English bands (test).

With up to 75% of SNMP graduate stream nominations reserved for higher education graduates and the remaining 25% for VET graduates.

WA is fine-tuning its approach to attract a balanced mix of skills and expertise.

Both the WASMOL and GOL are dynamic, evolving to mirror the state’s shifting labour market needs, ensuring that the program remains responsive and impactful.

The State Nominated Migration Program for 2023-2024 is a testament to Western Australia’s proactive and inclusive strategy to enhance its workforce and community with skilled individuals from around the world.

By offering a streamlined, equitable, and strategically focused migration pathway, WA is not just inviting skilled migrants to work—it’s inviting them to thrive, contribute, and belong.

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