Top Courses for PR in Australia in 2024

Top PR Courses Australia

Top Courses for PR in Australia in 2024

Australia, known for its vibrant culture, strong economy, and high quality of life, is a popular destination for international students. In 2024, certain courses stand out for those aiming to not only gain a world-class education but also to secure permanent residency in Australia. This article delves into the top courses that align with Australia’s high-demand occupations and skill shortages, offering a pathway to permanent residency.

  1. Nursing: A Vital Profession in High Demand-The healthcare sector in Australia is experiencing a significant demand for skilled professionals, making nursing a top choice for international students. The Bachelor of Nursing, typically a 3-year course costing from $24,000 AUD, offers a direct pathway to a career in healthcare. Students must demonstrate a high proficiency in English, with a minimum level of 7 in any band. Nursing not only provides a stable career but also contributes significantly to the Australian community.
  2. Teaching: Shaping the Future-Education is a cornerstone of Australian society, and there is a consistent demand for qualified teachers. The Bachelor of Teaching varies in duration and cost, with options including a 4-year Bachelor’s program, a 2-year Master’s, or a 1-year Graduate Diploma, starting from $18,000 AUD. This course offers international students a chance to integrate into the Australian education system and secure long-term stability.
  3. Social Work and Community Service: Making a Difference-With an emphasis on community well-being, social work and community service sectors offer fulfilling career paths. The Bachelor of Social Work, a 3-year course starting from $19,000 AUD, prepares students for meaningful roles in these sectors. This course is particularly appealing for those who wish to contribute positively to society while securing their residency status.
  4. Automotive Electrician: A Niche with Potential-The automotive industry in Australia presents opportunities for specialists, particularly in areas like electronics and engine management. The Diploma of Automotive Electrical, a 2-year course costing from $9,000 per year, is designed for those interested in a technical career with both local and international prospects.
  5. Carpentry: Building a Future-Carpentry is a popular choice under the General Skilled Migration program. The 2-year Diploma of Carpentry, starting from $10,000 per year, offers practical skills and knowledge in a field that is essential to Australia’s construction and housing sectors.
  6. Bricklaying: Constructing Opportunities-In response to the housing shortage, bricklaying has become a sought-after skill. The Diploma of Bricklaying, similar in cost and duration to carpentry, aligns with government initiatives to boost affordable housing construction, providing a stable career path for international students.


These courses not only offer educational excellence but also align with Australia’s Strategic skill needs, providing a viable route to permanent residency. Prospective students should consider these options in light of their career aspirations, financial capabilities, and long-term goals. With careful planning and dedication, studying in Australia can open doors to both professional success and a new life in one of the world’s most desirable destinations.

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