How to Write a Genuine Position Statement


Write a Genuine Position Statement

Writing a Genuine Position Statement (GPS) is a critical task for businesses seeking to nominate employees for various Australian employer-sponsored visas.

This document is not just a formality; it serves to prove that the position is necessary and has not been created solely to facilitate a visa outcome for a migrant.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to write an effective and authentic Genuine Position Statement.

1. Business Overview

Introduction to the Company

The first paragraph should provide a comprehensive overview of the business.

This includes essential information such as the company name, location, date of establishment, and guiding philosophy.

Highlight the strategic business location, the diverse range of services offered, and the competitive advantages the business brings to the market.


“Established in 2010, XYZ Enterprises is located in the heart of Melbourne.

Our guiding philosophy is to deliver innovative solutions with a customer-centric approach.

Situated strategically in a bustling commercial hub, we offer a broad spectrum of services ranging from consulting to full-scale project management, catering to a diverse clientele.”

2. Financial Capacity

Demonstrating Financial Health

In this section, emphasize the financial health and sustainability of the business.

Present evidence of increasing turnover and profitability to showcase the company’s financial viability.

This part should convincingly demonstrate that the business can support the ongoing costs associated with the new role.


“Over the past five years, XYZ Enterprises has consistently shown a 15% annual increase in turnover, reflecting our robust financial health.

Our profitability metrics underscore our capacity to sustain new roles and expand our team without compromising financial stability.”

3. Origins of the Role

Justification for Creating the Position

Explain the rationale behind the creation of the new position.

Is it due to business expansion, the introduction of new services, or another strategic reason? Address why other staff members were not assigned to this role and highlight the strategic importance of the position in enhancing business operations.


“The new position of Senior Project Manager was created to manage our expanding portfolio of projects, necessitated by a recent surge in client demand.

Assigning this role to existing staff was impractical due to their current workload and specialization areas.

This role is pivotal in streamlining project management processes and ensuring timely delivery of services.”

4. Role Benefits

Benefits to the Business

Discuss how the role integrates with the overall nature and scope of operations.

Describe the expected contributions and benefits the role brings to the business’s success and growth, referring to the role’s significance within the organizational chart.


“The Senior Project Manager will enhance our project delivery capabilities, ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget.

This role is crucial for maintaining our competitive edge and achieving our strategic growth targets.”

5. Job Description

Detailed Job Responsibilities

Provide a detailed job description in bullet-point format, ensuring it aligns with the ANZSCO code requirements.

Clearly define the responsibilities, expectations, and qualifications needed for the role to ensure transparency and alignment with industry standards.


**Manage multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring adherence to timelines and budgets.

Develop and implement project management methodologies and best practices.

Coordinate with clients, vendors, and internal teams to ensure project goals are met.

Monitor project progress and provide regular updates to senior management.

Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. **

6. Nominee Suitability

Justifying the Nominee’s Fit

Discuss why this role is necessary for the business at this particular juncture and justify why the nominee is the ideal candidate.

Highlight the nominee’s relevant experience, skill set, and potential contributions, articulating why they are exceptionally suited for the position.


“Kerry, our nominee, brings over 10 years of experience in project management within our industry.

Her expertise in managing large-scale projects and her proven track record of delivering high-quality results make her an invaluable addition to our team at this critical growth phase.”

Key Elements to Address

History and Context of the Role

Explain the background of the position, how it evolved, and its growing importance within the company.

Justification of the Role

Provide strong reasons for why the role is essential, demonstrating its legitimacy as a part of the business operations and its contribution to profitability and growth.

Relation to Business Scope

Show how the role fits into the broader scope of the business and highlight the benefits of having this position filled.

Migrant’s Suitability

Detail why the nominated migrant is the best fit, mentioning their qualifications and experience.

ANZSCO Code Alignment

Ensure the role aligns with the ANZSCO Code and that the job description meets the standards outlined by the ABS.

Occupation-Specific Caveats

Address any specific requirements or restrictions related to the occupation under current legislation and policy.

Ultimate Migration Expertise

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