E-Visitor Visa (Subclass 651)

E-visitor Visa Subclass 651

E-Visitor Visa (Subclass 651)

The E-Visitor Visa (Subclass 651) is a tourist visa that unlocks the door to a multitude of experiences in Australia for selected European countries Let’s delve deeper into the nuances of this visa, exploring its facets, eligibility criteria, and the application process.

What is E-Visitor 651 visa?

The E-Visitor Visa (Subclass 651) is a temporary visa, for individuals who hold a passport from an eligible country, offering them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Australian culture and environment. It allows stays of up to 3 months per visit within a 12-month period, ensuring ample time to explore, connect, and conduct permissible business activities, all without the burden of an application fee.

Subclass 651 E-Visitor visa Cost

The visa is not only cost-free but also allows for multiple entries. This means that travelers can enter and exit the country numerous times without incurring additional charges, providing both convenience and financial savings

E-Visitor Visa Validity

Stay up to 3 months each time you enter Australia. T

E-Visitor Visa Subclass 651 Processing time

A swift processing time of up to 3 days ensures rapid turnaround for eager travellers.

What you can don on E-Visitor subclass visa 651

  • visit family or friends
  • cruise or have a holiday
  • undertake business visitor activities
  • study or train for up to 3 months, in some circumstance

E-Vistor subclass 651 visa conditions

  • The holder must not work in Australia other than by engaging in a business visitor activity.
  • While in Australia, you must not engage, for more than 3 months, in any studies or training.
  • must be free from tuberculosis when you travel to and enter Australia.
  • must not have any criminal convictions for which the sentences total 12 months or more, whether or not you have served the sentences.

E-Visitor Visa (Subclass 651) Australia Eligible Countries

The following countries are eligible for eVisitor Visa 651:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Republic of San Marino, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain.

Eligibility for the E-Visitor Visa (Subclass 651)

  • Possess a passport from a specified European country.
  • Meet health and character benchmarks.
  • Demonstrate financial sufficiency for the journey.
  • Intend to utilize the visa for tourism or business visitor activities.
  • For applicants under 18, ensure that travel aligns with the child’s best interests.

E-Visitor Visa (Subclass 651) Application Process

Provide Accurate Information:

  • Name: Ensure it is spelled exactly as it appears in your passport, including middle names.
  • Passport: Verify it is valid and from an eligible country for the eVisitor visa.
  • Date of Birth: Ensure it is entered in the dd/mm/yy format.
  • Email Address: Double-check for accuracy to avoid communication issues.

Check Character Requirements

  • Declare any criminal conduct.
  • Answer all questions truthfully.
  • Provide all requested information, including details of offenses, fines, or sentences.
  • Be prepared to provide a police certificate if requested.

Lodge Online Application

  1. Create and fill out your application online.
  2. Attach all required documents.
  3. Submit the application.


The E-Visitor Visa (Subclass 651) is a conduit to a wealth of experiences, from the bustling streets of Sydney to the tranquil landscapes of the Outback.

With a comprehensive understanding of its features, restrictions, and application process, travellers can embark on an Australian adventure that is not only compliant but also rich in memories and experiences.

Failure to correctly apply for the E-VISITOR (SUBCLASS 651) could result in a rejection from the Department of Home Affairs. Contact Ultimate Migration  to help you apply for this visa.

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